PEGEL is revolutionizing the construction industry by harnessing the power of various cutting-edge technologies under one roof. By digitally linking Building Information Modeling - BIM, planning systems, collaboration tools, estimation software, 3D scanning technology and methodologies like integrated project delivery, we are able to deliver exceptional value to our clients, ensuring that any data entry and or update in any system automatically updates any relevant data in all other systems eliminating human error or omission.

Sophisticated planning systems aid in streamlining project management activities, enable efficient scheduling, resource allocation and progress tracking throughout the entire construction lifecycle. Collaboration tools play a crucial role in facilitating effective communication and information sharing among project teams. Using these tools, we ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page and can work together seamlessly to achieve project objectives.

When it comes to estimation, we rely on advanced software solutions that utilize data-driven algorithms to provide accurate cost estimates for construction projects. This helps clients make informed decisions about their investments and ensures transparency throughout financial planning. To capture precise measurements and create detailed as-built models, we employ 3D scanning technology. This enables to accurately document existing conditions on-site and incorporate this data into digital models for improved accuracy during construction.

One of the key technologies that PEGEL utilizes and is at the heart of it is operation is BIM for construction. The digital representation of a building or infrastructure project allows for enhanced collaboration and coordination among all stakeholders involved. It enables real-time visualization and analysis of design elements, helping to identify potential clashes or issues early on in the construction process.

As we say at PEGEL: “We build it twice - once digitally to ensure everything is correct, and then physically eliminating site mistakes and hence rework, ensuring precise procurement and optimizing productivity. Creating a fully loaded digital twin.”

With the integrated project delivery methodology, that upholds collaboration from the inception of a project between the various parties involved, we foster a more cohesive working environment where all participants share responsibilities and work towards shared goals.
PEGEL sets itself apart by delivering projects with a clear consistent process, enhanced precision, an optimized costing and scheduling scheme, safely, efficiently and swiftly with customer satisfaction assured.

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